Help Keep the Project Free

Help us Bring the World to You

We rely on your kindness to keep the Project free and accessible to all who want to explore the world. Your donation will go right back into the project: commissioning new builds for you to explore, compensating volunteer staff, paying for project infrastructure (and keeping our website ad-free), and marketing. Depending on how and how much you choose to donate, you will receive exclusive benefits, including:


Highest Tier
Monthly donations

- Help keep the Project free
- Your name in the "Patrons" section
- Early access to completed builds awaiting release
- Pre-made artistic/wallpaper renders and screenshots
- Custom artistic/wallpaper renders and screenshots (monthly)
- Exclusive access to in-progress builds
- Free pre-built creative map (one-time)
- Signed poster of a rendered build (one-time)
- Ability to vote for future builds
- Ability to suggest future builds
- Your name in build books


Single donations

- Help keep the Project free (all donations)
- Your name in the "Sponsors" section (all donations)
- Early access to a completed build awaiting release ($5+)
- One pre-made artistic/wallpaper render or screenshot of your choice ($15+)
- Free creative map ($30+)

Thank you for your support!